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Our hope is that by working together we can help you to make smart financial decisions.

Life is full of opportunities: Relationships, careers, family, and planning to retire – just to name a few. We want to ensure that along the way you do all the little things right, avoid the big mistakes, and achieve financial fulfilment. Serving our clients is our only priority, and we have built our firm around helping you succeed. We are located in Exton, PA and serve clients throughout the state and across the country through face-to-face and virtual meetings.

We are the Tax + Investment Planning Specialists

We use our own proprietary research and investment strategies while leveraging tax-efficient rebalancing technology - a perfect combination of personal touch and high-tech! By anticipating your current and future tax brackets, the aim is to pay taxes when the rates are the lowest. The best timing for some moves may be years into the future, but each year could present opportunities that can easily be missed if Tax + Investment Planning is not a regular part of your strategy. All we need to get started is a PDF of your most recent tax return!

Planning for Major Life Transitions

We serve clients in many different ways and specialize in helping those in transition. When your situation changes, we have the knowledge and experience to get you through it! Many of our clients have come to us for guidance during these critical life events.


Losing a loved one is never easy and grieving is a unique process for everyone. When you are ready, we can help you understand what to do with inherited assets and any important tax planning considerations.

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Like it or not, the big day is approaching. Are you prepared? We help you assess your retirement readiness, make sure you are doing all the little things right and avoiding mistakes that could get you off track.

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Job Change

Planned or unplanned, changing jobs impacts many aspects of your life. We can help keep you on track by reviewing your insurance, investment, tax and possible lifestyle changes associated with the transition.

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Do You Really Need to Hire a Financial Planner?

Do You Really Need to Hire a Financial Planner?

Everyone who drives a car does so with blind spots on both sides of the vehicle. Do you know if you have any financial blind spots?

What Makes Whitford Financial Planning Different?

What Makes Whitford Financial Planning Different?

We are independent, we are a fiduciary, and we work ONLY for you.

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