Services and Pricing

We offer three service options based on how much help you need. Building a detailed financial plan is always included, where we will analyze your situation and develop personalized recommendations.

Get Me Started

We build the plan and strategies,

you help execute it.

One-Time Fee - $2,000 - $4,000

(Based on complexity)

Keep Me Going

We build the plan and strategies,

you help execute it.  Repeat.

Ongoing Fee - $250/mo. - $500/mo.

(Based on complexity)

Do It All For Me

We build the plan and strategies,

we execute it.  Repeat.

0.85% up to $5 million,

0.60% over $5 million

(Based on Assets Under Management, includes ongoing Financial Planning)

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Our Investment Philosophy

Most financial advisers can provide investment management services, but We Believe that after-tax returns should be the focus instead of trying to 'out smart' the market. The greatest value we can provide to you is to 'quarterback' all aspects of your financial plan including Tax + Investment strategies to maximize efficiencies. By choosing Do It All For Me, we can pair tax-efficient investment portfolios with your unique income tax planning needs.

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Sample Financial Plan

Start with a Snapshot

Start with a Snapshot

We look forward to building a personalized financial plan for you. We help you gather the pieces of your financial puzzle and connect them together, to help you simplify and organize your finances.

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