Tax Planning

By anticipating your current and future tax brackets, the aim is to pay taxes when the rates are the lowest. The best timing for some moves may be years into the future, but each year could present opportunities that can easily be missed if tax planning is not a regular part of your strategy. All we need to get started is a PDF of your most recent tax return!

Creating Your Tax Projection

In this video, Mike Helveston shares how we develop a personalized income tax projection, and why this is such an important part of your overall financial plan and strategy.

Sample Scenario

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. Here's a situation that may be similar to yours:

Susan is 60 years old and just retired. She will need to determine which account to start taking withdrawals from for her retirement income.  Susan also wants to minimize taxes and is looking for some guidance on when to start Social Security.

This situation is one of the most common ones we encounter.  Once an overall financial plan is developed, a Whitford advisor can deliver specific recommendations that take into account both her short-term income needs and her long-term investment and tax minimization goals.

Ebook Download - The SECURE Act: What Does it Mean for You?

The SECURE Act changed the rules on RMDs and removed the 'stretch IRA' for many, impacting the tax planning for beneficiaries. We’re here to help with our latest ebook. Learn the ins and outs of the SECURE Act so you can explore what this means for your tax strategy.