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So What Exactly <strong><em>IS</em></strong>&#160;a Book Talk?

So What Exactly IS a Book Talk?

The purpose of Mike's book is to spread the knowledge of personal finance in order to help others be confident and make smart financial decisions. As such, book talks are a great way to bring the message and concepts in the book right to your organization, church, club or small group! Copies of the book will be distributed to the participants at no cost.

We are currently scheduling the following Book Talks (45 minutes each):

"How Emotional Decisions Can Get You Off Track + Investing Principles" (Chapters 1 & 3)  This is a beginner-level talk. Chapter 1: How Emotional Decisions Can Get You Off Track, shares the foundation for good financial decision-making and why we need to recognize when our emotions are leading our decisions instead of using facts to guide us. Chapter 3: Investing Principles lays out the core building blocks of an investment portfolio and key economic factors such as inflation and market volatility.

"Understanding the Impact of Taxes" (Chapter 6)  This is an intermediate-level talk. Chapter 6: Understanding the Impact of Taxes, details why investing is not just about how much you make, but how much you get to keep after taxes that really matters.

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From Chapter 1 - "Confirmation Bias"

From Chapter 1 - "Confirmation Bias"

Are you objectively looking at all points of view?

From Chapter 6 - "Roth IRA Conversion Analysis"

From Chapter 6 - "Roth IRA Conversion Analysis"

Are you making the most of your low income tax years?

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