Achieving Financial Fulfillment - Available 1/9/24!

Client Centered

Michael Helveston, CFP®, CRPC®, shares his 25 years of industry experience in this must read book!

The Book Explores:
- Human emotions and money decisions
- The ‘Fulfillment’ that can come from small financial successes throughout your life
- Fundamentals of investing and the importance of income tax planning
- How to plan for the future you see for yourself

It’s Perfect for Anyone Getting Started with Investing at Any Age Including:
- Working adults who are deciding how to best fund their retirement goals
- Newly single adults such as divorcees and widows who may be starting over
- Recent college graduates developing a budget and savings plan

About The Author:  Mike is the Founder of Whitford Financial Planning.  While working in the financial planning profession, he found the perfect intersection of his passion for helping others and his enjoyment of working with numbers.  "The most fulfilling aspect of financial planning is being able to create peace of mind for others. People are always going to worry about their finances to a certain degree, but I strive to give them confidence to make smart decisions that will improve their overall financial position."  - Michael Helveston, CFP®, CRPC®

Client Centered

Purpose of the Book:  To spread the knowledge of personal finance in order to help others be confident and make smart financial decisions:  to achieve financial fulfillment of their own.  As such, a portion of the proceeds for each book sold will go to support the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning.  This industry organization is focused on creating a more diverse and sustainable financial planning profession, so that every American has access to competent and ethical financial planning advice.

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