Security Measures Used in Our Digital Experience

Security Measures Used in Our Digital Experience

June 05, 2023

In this day and age, utmost care and vigilance must be taken to keep your personal data secure. The convenience of modern and connected technology is wonderful, but its safety must be monitored at all times. Each of the technology partners that we have chosen to work with has been meticulously screened to ensure the highest security possible for our company and our clients.

At the beginning of each new relationship, we gather and analyze client data by using a financial planning software called RightCapital. They offer a convenient file sharing vault that you can use to upload sensitive documents to us, such as a tax return or IRA statement. All data that is transferred and stored is encrypted using bank-level encryption practices. Data is encrypted using industry-standard HTTPS protocols and uses AES-256 encryption algorithms.

We use Betterment for Advisers as the custodian for clients receiving our ongoing professional portfolio management. Betterment is an independent and unaffiliated firm that uses the strongest available browser encryption, stores all of their data on servers in secure facilities, and limits access to your personal and financial information to only those employees with authorized access.  We use our own proprietary research and investment strategies while leveraging Betterment's digital onboarding and tax-efficient rebalancing technology.

Lastly, we obtain electronic document signatures and collect electronic payments using the services of AdvicePay. The company was started in 2016 to fulfil the need for a streamlined, compliant, and secure way for advisors to get paid for their advice.  AdvicePay utilizes the Stripe platform, a U.S.-based payment processor which manages billions of dollars each year. Customer information is never stored directly on any AdvicePay servers to enable information to remain securely stored in one place, guarding against compromise. 

We understand and appreciate the high level of trust that you place in us by working together. We appreciate your confidence and the opportunity to be of service to you!

Below are the links to the full security policies -

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